Hazardous Substance Research Center 



The centre conducts research pertaining to hazardous substances produced through agriculture, forestry, mining, and mineral processing. The site focuses on information related to soil and water contamination from mining wastes and other industrial activities, pesticides identified as hazardous substances, improved technologies and methods for characterizing and analysing contaminated soil, and waste-minimization and pollution-prevention methods and technologies. It also highlights technical services, publications, research project abstracts, annual reports, and 



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Integrated Waste Management Board 


The Integrated Waste Management Board aims to reduce the generation and improve the management of solid waste in California, and also to conserve resources, develop sustainable recycling markets, protect public health and safety, and the environment through partnership with public agencies, industry, business, and the people. The site is a rich source of information covering business and industry, directories and databases, facilities and operations, legislation and regulations, events, publications, and waste management programmes. The site also hosts listservers and discussion forums on different aspects of waste management.


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Municipal Solid Waste Management - India 


The web site for municipal solid waste (MSW) management in India is maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The web site provides information on integrated solid waste management. It provides multiple links to MSW Indian programme, tribal programme, resource guide, education and outreach, waste management regulations, activities, and links to other related sites.


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Solid Waste, United States Environmental Protection Agency 


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The main thrust of the site is on municipal solid waste. It covers alternatives for groundwater monitoring, municipal solid waste landfills, flow control and municipal solid waste, full cost accounting for municipal solid waste, criteria for solid waste disposal facilities, greenhouse gas emissions from municipal waste management, municipal solid waste publications, etc., and also the decision makers’ guide to solid waste management on-line. The web site provides multiple links to other relevant sites.


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Waste Management Resources


Waste management is the precise name for the collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring of waste. This term is assigned to the material, waste material that is produced through human being activity. This material is managed to avoid its adverse effect over human health and environment. Most of the time, waste is managed to get resources from it. The waste to be managed includes all forms of matter i.e. gaseous, liquid, solid and radioactive matter. The methods for the management of waste may differ for developed and developing nations. For urban and rural populations, industrial and residential areas it does differ as well. The management of waste in metropolitan and rural areas is general responsibility of the local government. While the waste that is produced by the industries is managed by the industry itself, incase it is non-hazardous.


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Recycler’s World 


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The web site on waste collection, haulage, and disposal section is maintained by Recycler’s World. This section of the parent recycle.net web site provides links to several key categories like municipal waste collection, waste transfer, landfill services, energy from waste, hazardous and special wastes, other waste disposal, etc. It also provides a list of companies, associations, and publications related to the waste collection, haulage, and disposal industry in general. More detailed links to these resources can be found within each specific category.


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International POPs Elimination Network 


The IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network) is a global network of public interest non governmental organizations united in support of a common POPs elimination platform. The site provides several documents and publications, recent and archived news, POPs handbook, events and meetings, and links to related organizations.


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