Energy and Environmental Research Center


Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) specializes in clean, efficient energy technologies and environmental systems that prevent pollution and clean up contaminated air, soil and water. EERC web site is a rich collection of R&D research outputs, technology information, centre’s global programmes, publications, features, news, and event. The site also hosts information of several centres of excellence.


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Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance, North Carolina 



The division provides technical and non-regulatory assistance to reduce air and water pollution, through initiating preventive measures, encouragement of companies and government agencies. The site is a rich collection of information resources including reference collection, solid waste contacts, recycling markets, environmental statutes, projects information, recycling business assistance center, waste reduction resource center, and environmental management systems. The site also provides news  and events information, and links to other related sites.


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Noise Pollution Clearinghouse 


The NPC (Noise Pollution Clearinghouse) is a non-profit organization working to reduce noise pollution from aircraft, watercraft, leafblowers, etc. The site covers NPC online library, noise news, NPC law library, Quietnet (noise groups and organizations), hearing loss, occupational noise library, and other NPC resources. It also provides links to related Internet resources.


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Global Recycling Network 

The GRN (Global Recycling Network) is a free-access public web site dedicated to recycling-related information. The site provides a variety of services and products. These include web-publishing services, online sales and catalogues, advertising, discussion forums, commodity prices, company directories, equipment information, company showcase, and other online information resources including news and links.


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CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute A Constituent Laboratory of CSIR


Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) is one of the major R & D division of CSIR-NEERI. Research in air quality management by inventory, monitoring, prediction, simulation, data analysis and control is within the domain. Emission inventory followed by dispersion modelling using state-of-the-art models like AERMOD and CALPUFF for impact identification.  Monitoring of pollutant is aimed towards regulatory compliance and receptor modelling objectives. Our laboratory is well equipped with analysers for chemical speciation of particulate matter. Source apportionment studies using CMB of ambient air PM has helped reveal several challenging tasks particularly for coal mine area and industrial sectors.

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