The Division of Specialized Information Services, National Library of Medicine (NLM), creates information resources and services in toxicology, environmental health, chemistry, and HIV/AIDS. SIS's Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program produces TOXNET, a collection of toxicology and environmental health databases that includes the Hazardous Substances Data Bank. TOXNET data network provides databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.

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Biological and environmental research abstracts database


Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) under the US Department of Energy, maintains an abstracts database which provides searchable information on OBER's research projects in the areas of environmental sciences among others. Key research areas include climate change, environmental remediation sciences, etc. This database contains summaries of research projects supported by the program.


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Environment portal


This environment portal is one of a series of Australian Government customer focused web sites. The portal provides access to online services and information provided by Australian, state, territory and local governments. The portal provides multiple links to government resources and glossary of environmental terms.


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World database on protected areas


The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) provides the most comprehensive dataset on protected areas worldwide and is managed by UNEP-WCMC in partnership with the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and the World Database on Protected Areas Consortium. The WDPA is a fully relational database containing information on the status, environment and management of individual protected areas.


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A New Forest Restoration Information Service


The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) developed the Forest Restoration Information Service. It aims to provide an open-access internet information service to support forest restoration projects world-wide to facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience. The website provide access to key terms and concepts, case studies, database, maps and datasets, global partnership information, organizations links, guidelines, manuals and bibliography


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AWMA Buyer’s Guide


A&WMA publishes Buyer’s Guide for the year 2006 which covers alphabetical listing of companies in waste management areas and their contact information. Besides, the guide also provides geographical listings and vendor grid listing for easy access.


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ATSDR Science Corner 


The ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) Science Corner is a searchable user-friendly Internet gateway to environmental health information and resources. The primary focus is to find and share global information resources with the public on the linkage between human exposure to hazardous chemicals and adverse human health effects. New environmental health information resources are cited, searched, and documented, as they come online.


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Acid Rain Resources 


The web site provides a rich collection of web resources on atmosphere and climate resources, energy resources, weblinks, conferences, publications, acid rain information sites, and related educational resources.


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Eldis Logo - Return to home page

ELDIS is a gateway to searchable online information on development in countries of the South. The coverage includes social, economic, political, and environmental issues. ELDIS makes a qualitative selection of materials and structures for easy access. The site covers issues related to socio-economics, sustainable development, forestry, irrigation and pest control, and environmental issues including biodiversity and conservation, climate change, desertification, pollution, soils, waste management, and water related issues.


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Environmental Data Services 


A useful news service for environmental professionals. It also covers environmental reports, full-text articles, and a directory of environmental consultancy firms.


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Environmental Education Network 


The EEN (Environmental Education Network) is a collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink network, and the environmental community to bring environmental education on-line and into a multimedia format. The EEN acts as the clearinghouse for environmental education information, materials, and ideas.


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National Database on Environmental Management Systems 


This website presents the research results of the National Database on Environmental Management Systems (NDEMS), funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). NDEMS is a research study of facilities that are implementing environmental management systems such as ISO 14001. The site provides access to research papers and reports, databases and research protocols produced by this study, as well as other resources on environmental management systems.


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Environmental Technology Resources 


The site provides Environmental Technology Resources specialises in the sales of equipment for the processing of most waste streams. They also represent some of the world's top technology manufacturers in Ireland for the waste, composting and biomass industries including Komptech, Weima, Welger, Willibald, Keestrack and Christy Turner.Their range of equipment includes universal waste shredders, wood chippers, wood shredders, green waste shredders, plastic shredders, trommel / drum screens, starscreens, briquetting presses, hammer mills, compost turners. We supply equipment throughout the island of Ireland.


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Global Environmental outreach Centre


The web site is maintained by GEIC (Global Environmental Information Centre), Japan. The site highlights environmental issues, and undertakes studies and activities that can better involve non-governmental organizations and other grassroots organizations in the national and international environmental processes. It contains climate change and other environmental information, databases, and publications. Packaged local environmental information for non-experts is also available.


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Global Environmental Technology Directory 


The site is maintained by Eco-service international. The site provides a comprehensive guide to the full spectrum of environmental products and services, featuring leading suppliers. Information about organizations, conferences, and publications is complemented by editorial contributions from distinguished experts in their respective fields. A practical reference source for government departments, utility companies, engineering consultants, development agencies, importers and traders, educational institutes, non-governmental organizations, and individuals engaged in environmental activities. The site provides information on publications and events, water and waste-water treatment, waste management and recycling, soil rehabilitation, air and noise pollution control, and renewable energy technologies.


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Information Center for the Environment 



The ICE (Information Center for the Environment) is a cooperative facility supporting projects of an inter-departmental faculty, with funding from over a dozen agencies and programmes. The ICE provides services including geographic information system, environmental database, modelling development, and support. The ICE web site facilities easy-to-use public access to a wide variety of environmental information. The ICE web server hosts data, maps, models, reports, and other related products.


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ITC Logo

The landbase database is maintained by GEIC, Japan. The database provides information to decision-makers on land-based sources of pollution in East Asia. It contains original data generated from the United Nations University project on environmental monitoring and analysis. The objectives of this database are to train professionals and generate standardized chemical data and monitoring mussels in the coastal areas for contaminants. As such, the landbase is intended to be a problem-solving tool for getting information on land-based sources and the East Asian environment; on what needs to be done in terms of governance; and have access to the tools to bring about solutions.


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National Association of Environmental Professionals 



The NAEP (National Association of Environmental Professionals) is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to the advancement of the environmental professions in the US and abroad. The web site holds a forum for state-of-the-art information on environmental planning, research, and management. Besides, the site contains calendar of events and announcements, Environmental Practice journal, directories on the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals, the NAEP library, directory on committees and working groups and directory of environmental professionals worldwide.


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IEA Renewable energy database



Search the Renewable Energy Policies & Measures Database for IEA member countries. The database covers indepth information relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy, green pricing, economy, investments, etc.


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CADDET website 


CADDET provides a unique source of information on commercial energy-saving and renewable energy technologies. The site is a rich collection of reports, news, case studies, newsletters, publications, brochures, and links.


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The global network in Environment and Technology 


The site provides market information, technology, business and government news, business directory, links, and calendar of events. The site also hosts a technology centre, a news centre, and a government centre for information dissemination. The site maintains a techKnow database, which disseminate environmental technology knowhow information.


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The Right-to-Know Network 


The Right-to-Know Network provides access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, and sustainable development. The site provides a comprehensive list of links to worldwide resources on environment and sustainable development. The site also provides a list of searchable databases.


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