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Renewable energy source/systems

Likely annual saving of conventional fuel /


Wind Power

2.00 MU/MW

Small Hydro Power

3.00 MU/MW

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power

Solar PV Lantern

Solar PV Home Lighting System

1.66 MU/MW 50 litre K-Oil/ Lantern 100 litre K-Oil/ System

Solar Thermal Energy

Power Generation Thermal Energy Systems

2.00 MU/ MW 36 TOE/ 1000 m2 collector area 0.50 - 0.70 MU/1000 m2 collector area

Bio Energv:

i.     Bagasse Cogeneration

ii.     Biomass Power

iii.    Biomass Energy (Thermal)

iii.    Urban & Industrial Waste to Energy

Power Generation

Thermal Energy/ Cogeneration

iii Family type biogas plants

iv.   Medium Size Biogas Plants

4.0    MU/MW

6.0     MU/MW 1000 TOE/MWeq

4.0    MU/MW 1000 TOE/ MWeq

450 Kg. LPG/ 1000 m3 Biogas 0.36 MU/1000 m3 Biogas

MW = Megawatt

MWeq = Megawatt equivalent

MU = Million Units

TOE = Tonnes of Oil Equivalent

LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas


(Installed Capacity of Power Plant) - do-

(Electricity generated/ saved)

(Oil saved)

(LPG saved)


Remark: 1 Unit of electricity = 0.7 Kg. of Oil.



Source: MNRE