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An initiative of the Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA), the Taluka Micro-Hydel Project presents a unique model of community managed power supply system.

The major objective behind the implementation of this project is to utilize the free flowing water of the perennial Gattu Gad stream for generating power and to supply continuous electricity to the nearby hamlet Taluka, Tourist Rest House (TRH), Forest Guest House and nearby market on a sustainable basis with a system of community based operation and management

The project was planned and constructed on a community participation basis.

·         User energy committee (UEC) has been involved in the planning of the project to its commissioning.

·         Training electricians regarding operation, distribution and safety aspects was also provided.

The total power production of the project is 20 kW. The project provides power supply to 75 families through a distribution network of about 2.5 kms.

Technical details of the project are stated as follows:

·         The Project has been designed on a 68 meter net head and 0.04 cumec discharge.

·         The Project has one Pelton Double Nozzle Turbine of 20 kW, synchronous generator of 20 kW/0.415kV, and 16 meter feeder cum headrace channel and penstock pipe of 180 m.

·         For operation and maintenance of the Taluka Micro Hydro Project, local operator has been appointed by the UEC. Rs. 100 per connection is being taken by the UEC as monthly electricity charges.

The above facts display that Taluka Micro Hydro Project is working as a self-sustained small hydro project.


Location: Uttarakhand

Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, June 2013. Taluka Micro-Hydel Project Community Based Power Supply System. Akshay Urja. 6(5,6), P:82-83