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Small Hydro Power Project may be used as one of the option for achieving the energy targets in a developing country like India where center or state Governments have limited financial resources to put in large projects which require long gestation period. One additional advantage with the Small Hydro Power Project is that private partners may get attracted due to low investment and quicker return in comparison to large projects. The last but not least is the most eco friendliness of small power projects which is a point of serious concern in case of thermal, or nuclear or sometimes in big Hydro power projects depending upon the location of the projects. Small Hydro Power potential in India is still under-utilized and there is need to tap this potential for optimum utilization of natural resources. In Madhya Pradesh, Small hydro plants are not many, however there is good scope for developing such plants. Tawa is one of such plants in MP, which has been developed as canal head powerhouse on the left bank canal(LBC) of Tawa irrigation project by a private investor. This plant is working in a very efficient manner addressing both the power and irrigation aspects successfully. This example will attract the private investments in small hydropower sector in the developing countries like India. The estimated potential for generation from Small Hydro-power Projects (SHPs) is 15000 MW in India, out of which in undivided MP, estimated potential is 410 MW. Despite various promotional schemes and measures announce by Govt of MP, It could set up only 41 MW of SHPs which is only 2.2% of National installed capacity of 1826 MW. As GOI aims to provide 10% of gross power generation in the country through Non-conventional energy sources by the year 2012. Therefore MP state has to travel very long distance and sincere efforts needs to be made, specially to make up the deficit in the small hydropower sector. Taw project is an irrigation project located on River Tawa a tributary of Narmada River .The River Tawa, which is one of major tributaries of River Narmada, rises from the Satpura range of hills at an elevation of 2500 ft. (762.00m). The head works comprises earthen dam of average height 22.528m and masonry Dam of 57.912m heights with central masonry spillway. 13 Nos. radial gates each of size 15.24mx12.192m are provided with spillway crest at a R.L. 343.205. The M.W.L. of the Dam is 356.692m. The right bank canal has a cultural command area of 98079 ha and an annual irrigation of 75878 ha.(Kharif, Rabi and Summer crops) The Left Bank irrigation canal has cultural command area 1,86,162 ha and an annual irrigation area of 2,56,904ha ( kharif, Rabi, and Summer crops)


ü  The Construction of the project was completed in record time of 22 months and at a cost of around 65 crores against the estimated time of 40 months and Rs 75 crore estimated cost.

ü  Early and efficient completion made possible by RSWI, Canada. (Joint Venture Company of India and Canada)

ü  Optimal scheduling and Project monitoring.

ü  Low on Capital cost and efficient in generation .

In order to achieve a growth rate of 7-8 % as envisaged in National policy of India ,it is also required to tap all the small Hydro Power potential of the country. The encouraging performance shown by the Tawa project itself set an example for inviting private investment in the small Hydro Power Project sector, especially in view of the fact that Large Hydro power projects involve huge capital investment and long gestation period which private partners do not afford to bear. The utilization of small Hydro Power Potential is especially required in all states where the utilized potential is very low like in MP and therefore optimum utilization of the same may set up an stepping up stone for achieving self-sufficiency in power sector in country.


Location: Madhya Pradesh


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