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Bhasmey Hydroelectric Project is located in the East District of Sikkim on the Rangpo River, about 6 km upstream of Rangpo Bazar. The Rangpo River is a major tributary of the Teesta River which is the main river of the State of Sikkim. The maximum gross head of the scheme is 113.0 m and the nominal discharge is 55 m3/s. 

·         Based on the goegraphical parameters the plant will have an installed capacity of 51 MW and a total average annual energy production of 244.1 GWh. The annual peaking energy production is 161.1 GWh and the annual base energy production is 83.0 GWh.

This plant is made by Lahmeyer India in 2010 for Gati Infrastructure Limited. Following are the few specifications of the plant which are as follows:

·         The Hydroelectric plant installed in the Rangpo river is a Dam of Concrete type.

·         The physical dimension of the plant are 33.2m height, 128.72m crest length and 95000 m3 dam volume.

·         The spillway design discharge 1570m3/s.

·         The head race tunnel length is around 5.3 m / 5132 m.

·         The serve shaft height is around 14 m / 89.8 m.

·         Head Race Tunnel Length is around 4m / 4600 m and the installed capacity is Fancis / 2 x 27 MW.

The services are as follows:

·         Review of Surveys & Investigations

·         Review of DPR

·         Review of Tender Specifications, Tender Design, Tender Drawings & Tender Documents

·         Detailed Design & Engineering

·         Final drawings and O & M Manual

·         Quality Assurance Programme

·         Site Supervision

·         Inspection, Supervision, Testing & Commissioning

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