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 Through  the Finance Bill 2010-11, a corpus called National Clean Energy Fund was created for a cess on coal produced/import (pollution-pay principle) for the purposes of financing and promoting clean energy initiative, henceforth the scope of the fund has been expanded to include various innovative clean initiatives such as installation of SPV lights and small capacity lights, grid-connected rooftop SPV power plants,  standalone SPV power plants, pilot projects to assess wind power potential etc. The following map shows year wise funds released for Off Grid programme in India for 2018-2019 i.e. the total financial released for the year 2018-19 is 60,393.00 lakhs including other sectors(CEL,NABARD, Regional Rural Bank, REIL,NGOs) is 22,784 Lakh, while the highest fund released is in Andhra Pradesh(11,894) followed by Rajasthan(3033 lakhs),M.P.(2847 lakhs), U.P. (2554 lakhs).

Source: Sources: Indiastat