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Contents of Vol.14 (1) March 2015


(Peer reviewed original and review articles, short communications in areas of energy and environment)

Ø  Influence of Nanofluids as the Heat Transfer Fluid in Solar Thermal Energy Storage System

Ø  A Perspective of Indian Energy Sources, Depletion of Ozone layer, and Threat to Life: An Overview

Media Review

(Selected News from online and printed media)

Ø  Media on Energy and Environmental Issues


(Selected News from online and printed media)

Abstracts of Current Research

(Abstracts of current literature from online and printed foreign and Indian journals of Indian authors)

Ø  Coal and Coal Products

Ø  Hydrogen

Ø  Other Synthetic and Natural Fuels

Ø  Biomass

Ø  Hydro Energy

Ø  Solar Energy

Ø  Tidal and Wave Power

Ø  Wind Energy

Ø  Electrical Power Engineering

Ø  Energy Storage

Ø  Energy Planning 3nd Policy

Ø  Energy Conservation, Consumption and Utilization

Ø  Advance Automatic Propulsion System

Ø  Transport and Environment

Ø  Fossil Fuels and Environment

Ø  Renewable Energy and Environment

Ø  Industrial Pollution

Ø  Hazardous Wastes and its Management

Ø  Health Effects

Ø  Control Technologies

Ø  Environmental Planning, Management, and Policy Issues

Ø  Climate Change: Issues and Policy

Ø  Climate Change: Impact, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

Ø  GHG Emissions and Mitigation

Internet Resources

(Reviews of selected important web sites)

Occasional Publications

(Highlights from latest patents, standards, government policies and notifications in energy -environment areas)

Ø  Patents

Ø  Standards

Ø  Government Notifications/Policies/Laws

Book Alert

(Abstracts of recently published selected books in energy and environment areas)

Calendar of Events

(Highlights of important global events during a span of six months)


(Author and keyword indexes)

Ø  Authors

Ø  Keywords

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