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Hydro Electricity project, in spite of bearing huge social cost; is a cheap, renewable and sustainable resource to generate revenue. Exploitation of water resources is directly linked to socio economic development. Though Arunachal Pradesh have the potential of 50328 MW and one of the top hydropower potential among the state of India, the state could not able to tap the benefits due to various reasons ranging from proper policy, geographical isolation to protest from locals.

Ranganadi Hydro-Electricity Project is the only commissioned mega dam in state, which started its commercial operation from the year 2001-02.

·         Energy (power) generation is one of the important functions of power developer. Ranganadi hydroelectric plant is generating the power since its inception in year 2001- 02. The designed energy of RHEP is to achieve 1510.00 MU. However, the actual power generated by RHEP varies from year to year due to many reasons like sudden machine failure, tunnel rectification work, transmission fault, annual plant maintenance etc.

·         At present days Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the legal obligations on the part of corporate bodies to take measures for the society to ensure the fulfillment of objective under triple bottom line i.e. profit, nation and society. NEEPCO ltd. (RHEP authority) has performed numbers of programs under corporate social responsibilities in catchment areas during the year 2008-09, which is discussed as under:

o   Construction of water supply intake and providing of water supply line to rehabilitated village of Potin

o   Construction of Public toilet 3 (three) numbers at Possa village.

o   Water supply with Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) platform at Possa village.

o   Water storage tank at Hoz, near Power House of RHEP.

o   Construction of Cement Concrete (CC) foot path.

o   Repairing of the administrative building of Government Higher Secondary School, Yazali.

o   Construction of boundary wall for Government Secondary School, Pitapool

o   Conduct 3 (three) medical camps.

o   Construction of 2(two) numbers with 2(two) roomed public toilet with septic tank at Pitapool and Chod villages. And many more in line.

·         Four market centers were created after the implementation of the project which can be termed as the newly market created due to project. These markets are located at Potin, near entry gate of NEEPCO, complex, RHEP, near Circle Office of Yazali and new Pitapool respectively. This creation of market help the local inhabitats especially the project affected families to earn their livelihood and for economic development of that area.

“No pain no gain” the quotation clearly signifies that for improving the overall performance of RHEP, many challenges need to be cross. Though profitability of RHEP shows good result, the overall performance of RHEP is not satisfactory.

·         Therefore, NEEPCO authority should give more focus on how to improve the performance. For this matter, equal focus should be given to profit, people and planet as per Triple Bottom Line concept. Thus considering the above discussions and suggestions, NEEPCO need to seek cooperation from state government, local inhabitants, subject experts, technical persons/institutes etc., and perform 360 degree evaluation through workshops/seminars/conferences etc., at least once in ten years to arrive at strategic decision. These will not only improve the overall performance of RHEP but most importantly it will be an example for others to follow

Location: Arunachal Pradesh

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