TIDEE (TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment)

TIDEE aims to keep policy-makers, scientists, and technologists abreast of the latest developments in the fields of energy, local and global environment, and sustainable development.

TIDEE incorporates and builds on the strengths of all the abstracts journals TERI has published to date, beginning with Energy Digest (1982 to 1990) and Indian Energy Abstracts (1985 to 1990), which merged to form TIDE (TERI Information Digest on Energy, 1991 to 2001). ASSET (Abstracts of Selected Solar Energy Technology) merged with TIDE in 1999. Whereas these journals covered energy issues, TISGLOW (TERI Information Service on Global Warming, 1990 to 1998) focused on global warming, GER (Global Environmental Review, 1999 to 2001) focused on climate change, and TIMES (TERI Information Monitor on Environmental Science, 1996 to 2001) focused on the environment. In all, up to 2001, we published close to 10 000 abstracts in these journals. TIDEE continues the tradition and consolidates in one journal current information from all over the world on energy, environment, and sustainable development.
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