eNREE Volume 21, Issue 1, Apr-Jun 2023 


This issue features an elucidative article on “Conquering Change: AI and How to be Future-Ready “written by Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, International Solar Alliance. This issue contains trending topics on enviro-news and Research abstracts on Renewable Energy and Climate Change along with a research and innovation breakthrough which emphasize on technical advancement in the industries of renewable energy. It also gives a glance to the information related to research and innovation and renewable energy statistics.

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Compendium of Renewable Energy Case Studies in India. Volume 6

This Volume 6 of the compendium has been prepared after extensive planning with stakeholders, resource collection, and analyses conducted to identify leading states and local level best practices. It is divided into two sections, a) Challenges and Innovation; and b) Ideas and Initiatives, which are further subdivided into technical and financial aspects. These case studies, commissioned from different primary sources, and ground level studies conducted by the TERI ENVIS team on solar street lighting, rooftop solar installation, Agri-voltaic systems, etc., describe best practices and their effective implementation in states, cities, districts, and villages. Technologies, financing mechanisms, and other initiatives are highlighted for their success in creating favourable market conditions for renewable energy, as well as for their replicability, relative ease of implementation, measured energy and time savings, ability to offset the need for conventional technologies, cost-effectiveness, GHG emissions reduction, and job creation, which would help in achieving the 450 GW of renewable energy penetration targeted by 2030.

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