Center for Energy and Environmental Policy

Established in 1980 at the University of Delaware, the Center is a leading institution for interdisciplinary graduate education, research, and advocacy in energy and environmental policy. The web site covers academic programmes highlights, research outputs, publications, and other documents.

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Environmental Policy and Assistance 


The Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance, DOE (Department of Energy), develops environmental protection policies and strategies for achieving environmental compliance with internal and external environmental requirements. The site highlights laws, policies, regulations, reports, statistical data, DOE documents. The site hosts discussion forums and training programmes.

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Global Environmental Management Initiative 

The site highlights strategies for business to achieve environment, health and safety excellence, and economic success. The web site contains information on press release, conference, publications, and provides links to other online resources. The site also contains benchmarking reports.

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International Network for Environmental Management 

The INEM (International Network for Environmental Management) is a non-profit world federation of national associations for environmental management and sustainable development. The site provides case studies, environmental management tools and standards, INEM publications, web links, and calendar of events. Also highlights activities of the INEM network such as interactive tools to determine the member company’s environmental policy, environmental report, and check the eco-design of products. A step-by-step guide to implementing an environmental management system is also provided.

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US Department of Energy: Environmental Management 

The site is maintained by the US Department of Energy. The site has a database search facility and a table of contents of publications. Also it provides information on regulatory issues, waste management, science and technology, environmental management, etc.

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 UK Ecolabel Board

The homepage of the UK Ecolabel Board offers a variety of detail on the methodology, criteria, regulation and scheme for life cycle assessment used to determine the ecological impact of products.

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Natural Resources Institute 

The Natural Resources Institute is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary centre for research, training, and consultancy service concerning the management of natural and human capital to support sustainable development worldwide. The Centre’s web site adequately covers details of their services and expertise available. The site also covers news, projects, and the Centre’s publications.

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TERI Energy and Environment Data Directory and Yearbook (TEDDY)

TEDDY is an annual priced publication brought out by TERI since 1986 which provides updated information on the energy supply sectors (coal and lignite, oil and gas, power, and renewable energy sources), energy consuming sectors (agriculture, industry, transport, residential, and commercial sectors), and environment (local and global).

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Centre for Science and Environment


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a public interest research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi. CSE researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency of development that is both sustainable and equitable. aim is to raise these concerns, participate in seeking answers and – more importantly – in pushing for answers and transforming these into policy and so, practice. We do this through our research and by communicating our understanding through our publications.

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