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eNREE|Volume 10 Issue 2 July-September 2013

This issue represents an article by Tanvi Sharma on Biofuels, titled “Biodiesel from Jatropha: A Way to Sustainable Livelihoods” accompanied with a section featuring innovations in Renewable Energy. Few case studies from within the nation have been presented in this issue in a condensed form. Along with this, latest articles on research and development in Renewable Energy have been abstracted in this issue. Besides, the issue entails abstracts of articles addressing technological updates in the subject of renewable energy. Latest statistics such as Source-wise Deployment of various Renewable Energy Systems/Devices, State-wise Biomass Tariffs, Authorized Testing Laboratories for Solar Thermal Applications and so on have been represented in a section on statistics at a glance. Further, this issue has provided an update on the recent books published on Renewable Energy.

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